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The DEAL FLOW Show brings together people in the capital markets such as venture capital, growth capital, private equity, investment banking, legal, and more. It's a virtual networking group for the dealmaking world. As a guest you’ll showcase your expertise and get on the radar of our audience members, many of whom are exactly who you have been looking to build your business and launch your deals. You'll join our other guests in sharing secrets and strategies of the world’s greatest dealmakers. The DEAL FLOW Show is a WIN WIN for both our guests and listeners.

 meet JP maroney

JP Maroney is an American entrepreneur and investor with more than 30-years experience starting, building, buying, and selling companies in publishing, media, advertising, software, e-commerce, training, real estate, and consulting. After more than a decade building digital-based businesses, JP Maroney founded Harbor City Capital Corp, a multinational enterprise specializing in lead data arbitrage within the $365B Internet advertising sector.

"I firmly believe there is no shortage of opportunity… Only a shortage of creativity in leveraging that opportunity" -- JP Maroney