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November 18, 2020


Kevin Harrington, Original “Shark” on the Emmy-Award-Winning show Shark Tank and father of the infomercial recently appeared on The DEAL FLOW Show. Harrington shared his top secrets and strategies learned through many years of multi-million dollar deals.

“I first met Kevin Harrington through an email introduction from a mutual friend, then we met in person at a trade show,” says JP Maroney, Harbor City Capital Founder and CEO and host of The DEAL FLOW show. “When we had the opportunity to welcome him on the show I was delighted. He’s a perfect fit.”

Harrington has launched multiple products such as The Food Saver, Ginsu Knives, The Great Wok of China, The Flying Lure, Celsius, and many more. He has worked with amazing celebrities like Billie Mays, Tony Little, Jack Lalanne, and George Foreman. Harrington has since then built on that success to help pioneer the As Seen on TV brand.

Harrington shared many valuable pieces of information on the podcast. He spoke about his new book “Mentor to Millions” and the importance of having great mentors. He also spoke about how every business should be creating a massive amount of content. Most importantly, Harrington offered actionable advice for The DEAL FLOW Show listeners, “If you want to have longevity in business and a good reputation, make sure to cut fair deals,” says Harrington.

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November 18, 2020


Seth Farbman, Co-Founder and Chairman of Vstock Transfer recently appeared on The DEAL FLOW Show. Farbman shared thoughts on the SPAC and Reg A+ markets as well as many other DEAL FLOW topics.

In his interview, Farbman was adamant about the power of surrounding yourself with great people. “The most important asset that any business can have is the rolodex,” says Farbman, disclosing how surrounding himself with great people inside and outside of the business has improved his DEAL FLOW, even crediting his receptionist for helping him close an IPO deal he’d chased for over 3 years.

“Recording on The DEAL FLOW Show was a great experience. The structure is very conversational which allows for authentic discussions to be had on important topics that matter to the capital market’s audience,” said Farbman. “Listeners can pick up nuggets of valuable data from the hosts and the variety of guests they have, regardless if you are a CEO of a public company, investor or launching a startup.”

“Having Seth Farbman on the show was a real pleasure,” says JP Maroney, Harbor City Capital CEO and host of The DEAL FLOW Show. “He has a storehouse of knowledge that is of great interest to the capital markets audience.”

Farbman is chairman of Vstock Transfer, an SEC-registered stock transfer firm serving private companies, IPO’s and issuers listed on NYSE American, NASDAQ and OTC Markets. He started as a securities attorney and has many years of experience in the capital markets space.

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November 18, 2020


Laura Anthony, Founding Partner of Anthony L.G. a corporate, securities and business transactions law firm, recently appeared on The DEAL FLOW Show. On the show, Anthony covered a wide range of subjects including SPAC, Reg A+, virtual roadshows and more.

On The DEAL FLOW Show Anthony went into the details of Reg A+ including the difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2, she elaborated that, “…raising capital, Reg A+ allows you to get out there and shout it from the rooftops, which is a great thing.” Anthony also spoke extensively on SPACS, “I have never seen the SPAC market as busy as it is right now,” Anthony said, “… and I have been practicing since 1993.”

“The team was excited to have Laura Anthony on The DEAL FLOW Show,” says JP Maroney, Harbor City Capital CEO and host of The DEAL FLOW Show, “Laura and her team make up an impressive firm filled with useful knowledge for those in the capital markets.”

For 23 years Anthony has focused her law practice on small and mid-cap private and public companies, the OTC market, NASDAQ, NYSE MKT, going public transactions, mergers and acquisitions, private placement and corporate finance transactions, Regulation A/A+, Exchange Act and other regulatory reporting requirements, FINRA and DTC requirements, state and federal securities laws, crowdfunding, general corporate law and complex business transactions.

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November 18, 2020

Darren Marble From Crush Capital Appears on The DEAL FLOW Show

Darren Marble, Co-CEO of Crush Capital, recently appeared on The DEAL FLOW Show. Marble spoke on topics of interest to the capital markets audience with a big focus on Reg A+. The interview covered everything from Reg A+, to Marble sharing about his new TV series “Going Public" which allows viewers to get an inside look at IPO’s while being able to invest at the IPO price.

“JP Maroney is a consummate professional, deal expert, and authentic host. It was an honor to be interviewed on The DEAL FLOW Show,” says Marble. “But, I’m even more excited to listen to the other interviews and learn from the experts in his network.”

Marble also spoke on handling failure by performing a postmortem and learning from your mistakes. JP Maroney, Harbor City CEO and host of The DEAL FLOW Show, stated this was a key takeaway in Marble’s episode, as it's something every listener can apply.

Maroney continued, “It was great having Darren on The DEAL FLOW Show. With his knowledge and specialization in Reg A+, the capital markets, strategic partnerships and SEC compliance, the episode was a hit. Not only this, but our team is looking forward to getting an even deeper look into Darren’s areas of expertise through his new series ‘Going Public.’”

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