Episode – 22

Ecommerce and Social Media Expert Shares His Success Secrets


Brock Felt is Co-founder and Partner of Salt City Partners, a growth firm specializing in e-commerce enterprises. Collectively, he has built companies that have exited or sold for over $1.5 billion and has raised over $300 million for multiple start-ups. He is a sought after speaker, educator, and keynote. He has launched businesses in multiple verticals including health, software, consulting services, e-commerce, lead generation, product development, real estate, and online acquisition.

In this interview, Brock shares a plethora of information he has gleaned from years of building companies and doing multi million dollar deals. He talks about how he uses social media to source deals. He explains his due diligence process. He talks about how a Facebook friend he had never met funded an $80 Million Deal. He tells how he made a fortune selling stuff he got for free. He explains how the pandemic has affected his business, and much much more.

What You Will Learn
- How a Facebook friend funded an $80 million deal
- How a sports background is helpful in business
- How he made a fortune selling items from the trash
- How he fills his deal pipeline using social media
- How Covid-19 has actually HELPED his business
- and much more

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