Episode – 25

Regulation A+ | Jobs Act and more with Rod Turner


Rod Turner is CEO of Manhattan Street Capital, a world-class Reg A+ and Reg D fundraising platform. He has years of experience in the tech world and played a key role in building Ashton Tate (dBASE), Symantec Norton, and more. Rod is an experienced M&A expert and led the successful acquisition of PCAnywhere by Symantec. At Manhattan Street Capital he helps investors of any wealth level anywhere in the world to invest in private companies, through Regulation A+.

In this interview, Rod shares great information on Regulation A+, the Jobs act, and other topics. He explains how 2019 was a banner year for REG A+ and how it's only going to get bigger. He talks about what kind of companies are NOT Good for Reg A+. He speaks about how Reg A+ is being accepted in the Broker-Dealer Community. He talks about how offering decent dividends can increase interest in an offering. This is a great, albeit short, interview that you won’t want to miss!

What You Will Learn
- The early history of the Jobs Act and Regulation A+
- What kind of companies are NOT GOOD for Reg A+
- How REG A+ is being accepted in the broker-dealer world
- The best time to approach broker-dealers about you Reg A+ Offering
- What you can do to increase interest in a Reg A+ offering
- and much more

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