Episode – 27

Jobs Act | Capital Markets | IPO’s | Covid-19 Effects | SPACS


David Weild IV is the Founder, Chairman & CEO of Weild & Co., Inc. He is often referred to as the “Father of the Jobs Act.” He was Vice-Chairman of Nasdaq for 3 years. His company provides a full spectrum of corporate finance and advisory services to public and private companies including Private Placements, Fund Raises, IPOs, PIPEs, and more. They also have a Mergers & Acquisition Advisory.

In this interview, David shares knowledge from many years of being a super achiever in the capital markets. He explains why he is motivated by more than just making money. He gives his take on SPACS. He talks about why he is called the “Father Of The Jobs Act.” He explains how he does due diligence on deals. He talks about the effects of Covid-19 on the workplace, the real estate market, and the economy. He explains what is causing the overvaluation of companies. He talks about how we can turbocharge the economy and more. This is a great interview by a long time capital markets professional and a must watch!

What You Will Learn
- Why David is known as the “Father of the Jobs Act”
- The great myth of the Capital Markets
- David’s opinion on SPAC’s
- How David does due diligence on deals
- The effects of Covid-19 on the economy
- and much more

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