Episode – 29

Alternative Investments | Due Diligence | Broker-Dealers


Roger Wadsworth is the National Director of The National Due Diligence Alliance (TNDDA). TNDDA, founded in 2003, is a trade association of Independent FINRA Broker/Dealers, Advisors & Family Offices whose mission it is to facilitate the due diligence process for the benefit of the investing public.

In this interview, Roger talks about the National Due Diligence Alliance (TNDDA). He speaks about Alternative Investments. He talks about the TNDDA conference and how sponsors can benefit from it. He talks about the various sectors and industries in the alternative investment space. He speaks about how Covid-19 has affected the ways companies are raising capital and doing business. He explains the difference between a broker-dealer and an advisor, and much more. This is a very informative interview you don’t want to miss!

What You Will Learn
- The Types of Investments that TNDDA focuses on
- How has Covid-19 Affected the Capital Markets
- How Sponsors can benefit from a TNDDA Conference
- How to Evaluate a Deal Sponsor
- What are the Main Sectors in Alternative Investments?
- What is the Purpose of a Managing Broker Dealer?
- Difference between an Advisor and a Broker Dealer
- What is AI Insight?
- Roger’s Deal Breakers
- and much more

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