Darren Marble From Crush Capital Appears on The DEAL FLOW Show

Darren Marble, Co-CEO of Crush Capital, recently appeared on The DEAL FLOW Show. Marble spoke on topics of interest to the capital markets audience with a big focus on Reg A+. The interview covered everything from Reg A+, to Marble sharing about his new TV series “Going Public" which allows viewers to get an inside look at IPO’s while being able to invest at the IPO price.

“JP Maroney is a consummate professional, deal expert, and authentic host. It was an honor to be interviewed on The DEAL FLOW Show,” says Marble. “But, I’m even more excited to listen to the other interviews and learn from the experts in his network.”

Marble also spoke on handling failure by performing a postmortem and learning from your mistakes. JP Maroney, Harbor City CEO and host of The DEAL FLOW Show, stated this was a key takeaway in Marble’s episode, as it's something every listener can apply.

Maroney continued, “It was great having Darren on The DEAL FLOW Show. With his knowledge and specialization in Reg A+, the capital markets, strategic partnerships and SEC compliance, the episode was a hit. Not only this, but our team is looking forward to getting an even deeper look into Darren’s areas of expertise through his new series ‘Going Public.’”

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