Guest Testimonials

The Deal Flow show


The Deal Flow

Brad Truesdell

The team at Harbor City did an amazing job setting up the discussion, Paul and Daniel did a great job with logistics and the discussion.  They were engaging and friendly throughout the process.  I enjoyed the discussion and the experience. It was great to speak about our progress as a company and the fundraising process.  Thank you for the opportunity and the great experience with the Harbor City team.

- Brad Truesdell CEO Tomahawk Robotics

Ryan Fischer

I enjoy working with Harbor City Capital for several reasons such as your professionalism, attention to detail and your client services. I also admire the great educational information on “THE DEAL FLOW Show”.

- Ryan Fischer 

Seth Farbman

Recording on the Deal Flow Show was a great experience.  The structure is very conversational which allowed for authentic discussions to be had on important topics that matter to the capital markets audience.

Listeners can pick up nuggets of valuable data from the hosts and the variety of guests they have,  regardless if you are a CEO of a public company, investor or launching a startup.

- Seth Farbman

John & Howie Dorough

It was a pleasure to be on The Deal Flow! Great to talk business with like-minded people in the neighborhood.

- John & Howie Dorough

"I firmly believe there is no shortage of opportunity… Only a shortage of creativity in leveraging that opportunity" -- JP Maroney